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dental ceramics


Special Investment for Lithium Disilicate Ceramics


25 x 100 g
50 x 100 g

This investment which was especially developed for processing of lithium disilicate glass ceramics guarantees...

  • perfect surfaces
  • a minimal reaction layer after pressing
  • high detail reproduction of the pressed objects
  • consistent expansion values due to strict quality controls



Application images

Mixing liquid

1 liter

Disposable plungers
For pressing dental ceramics and lithium disilicate

Disposable plungers Ø 16

Disposable plungers Ø 13, short

Für Lithium Disilikat Rohlinge
mit Ø 13mm

Disposable plungers Ø 12

Disposable plungers Ø 13

Für Lithium Disilikat Rohlinge
mit Ø 13mm


Ceramic Accessories Brochure

Flexring Systeme

The Flexring System for all Kinds of Pressed Ceramics for different Ingot Sizes has been convincing for many Years due to Variability and intelligent Design.

Form Stability
In contrary to silicone rings this material guarantees:
■ stability in form and dimension over a long period of daily use
■ the perfect fit to the ring base without widening the edge and thereby preventing the leakage of the investment material

Patented, ribbed Surface
The ribs inside of the ring former increase the surface area of the mold by 40 %. The advantages for the pressing process:
■ faster and more homogeneous heating of the ring from the outside to the inside
■ homogeneous and faster cooling

Sector Markings
The sectors marked inside the ring former and on the ring
■ give the safety of an optimal positioning of the objects
■ facilitate the locating of the objects for divesting
■ save time and material while divesting (sandblasting)

The unique composition of the synthetic material ensures
■ free expansion of the investment compound during setting
■ easy cleaning of the ring former under running water
■ constant quality of the ring without formation of cracks

Flexring 100g Set Ø 13

For lithium disilicate blanks with a diameter of Ø 13mm

Ring base /lid 100g

Flexring 200g Set Ø 13

For lithium disilicate blanks with a diameter of Ø 13mm

Ring base /lid 200g


Ready for use, fireproof Material for the Manufacture of individual Firing Trays

Easy-Fix™ is a ready for use, fireproof material for the production of individual firing trays. With its soft, creamy consistency it has exceptional processing characteristics, which enable the technician to fix inlays, onlays, veneers, crowns and bridges on pins or directly on the firing tray.

Pressed ceramic objects on which cracks occurred, can be safely fixed on the firing tray and put into the oven for a correction firing. The fitting accuracy is retained, warping of shoulders and margins during firing are a thing of the past.


Further accessories

Ring Tong


Firing tray with pins

Firing tray
Pins (5 pcs.)