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for minimum layering

conceptArt Structure (minimal stratification)

Area of application: Effect ceramics for individual coloring. Features of conceptArt Structure:

  • The fluorescence is identical to that of a natural tooth
  • Paste ceramic with outstanding consistency
  • Colourfast, therefore already controllable when applying the ceramic
  • Minimal shrinkage of the concept art structure ceramic
  • High aesthetic depth effect from just 0.2 mm layer thickness
  • Opens up the possibility of the simplest form and contact point correction

The paste base for conceptArt Structure was developed from scratch. The ready-to-use pastes allow the dental technician to safely handle the final shape and surface design of dental prostheses made of zirconium oxide and lithium disilicate. The unique consistency of the pastes and the distribution of the particles ensure good modeling and high stability before and during ceramic firing.

Smaller corrections at contact points or in the occlusal surface are very easy to carry out with structure pastes.

conceptArt – Structure Transpa

Area of use:
Insertion of individual transparent effects in the incisal area

conceptArt – Structure Enamel

Area of use:
For the cutting area.

conceptArt – Structure Neutral

Area of use:
For individual characterization; Tooth color whitening.

conceptArt – Structure Gingiva

Special structure gingiva pastes make it possible to design the gingival parts of a restoration whenever it is necessary to replace missing soft tissue, e.g. in the case of an implant-supported work or a bridge. Area of application: With the conceptArt stains and the Structure Gingiva pastes, the natural appearance of the gums is reconstructed in terms of shape and color.

In the first step, the areas to be veneered after thorough cleaning with conceptArt Structure Thinly wetted with liquid. Then the gingival parts with different gingival or alveolar stains characterized.
Application example: Lower jaw bridge in zirconium oxide with gingiva portion
The ceramics conceptArt Structure Gingiva were designed in such a way that a three-dimensional appearance can be perfectly reproduced on a gingiva. Together with the gingiva and alveoli stains give it to an implant-supported work natural looking.