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suitable for all ceramics

The concept that meets the demands of the highest aesthetics and efficiency for the dental laboratory

Fluorescent for natural aesthetics

The natural fluorescence of the conceptArt paste stains contributes significantly to the success of the staining technique, as they perfectly imitate the chromatic and brilliant characteristics of naturally fluorescing tooth substance even in the poorly lit regions of the mouth. Fluorescent stains have a major advantage over classic stains: They have a light-intensifying effect, i.e. in areas of relative darkness, such as in the oral cavity, the conceptArt stains remain similar to the fluorescence of a natural tooth in terms of their optical appearance. A graying of the painted parts in the ceramic restoration does not take place here.

Easy handling due to paste form in different consistencies

The consistency of the conceptArt stains is tailored to the respective area of application. This means that painting with the shades ensures an evenly homogeneous appearance after firing due to their low viscosity, even when painting over a large area. The modifiers, on the other hand, with a firmer consistency, make it easier for the ceramist to precisely characterize ceramic work.

Logically structured color systemfor the simplest and most reliable results

Well thought out and logically structured: The concept of the conceptArt stain system. Shades from the chroma (shades), value and modifier range are perfectly matched to ceramic restorations. They enable the dental technician to easily characterize and reliably color in every area of the tooth from the cervical to the incisal.

15 stains from the chroma, modifier and value range offer all possibilities for individualizing and characterizing the all-ceramic restoration. Both veneered and monolithic work can be brought to the highest level of aesthetics quickly and easily. Also ideal for monolithic work made of zirconium oxide.

Versatile use:

  • for pressed/milled lithium disilicate restorations,layered or monolithic

  • for zirconium oxide restorations,layered, overpressed or monolithic

  • also suitable for metal-ceramic restorations