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Layering ceramics for dental alloys

With the development of the DC 12.5™ layering ceramic, a two-phase leucite glass-ceramic for crowns and bridges on alloys with conventional CTE was introduced. The core of this development is an innovative base material in which the reflection of the light is increased by opalescent elements, giving the ceramic a natural brightness. It impresses with its exceptional brilliance and natural beauty, even when only a few masses are used.

Developed according to the latest technical knowledge of veneering ceramics for all dental alloys with classic CTE:

  • natural aesthetics

  • safe in processing

  • complete for all areas of application

All materials of the DC 12.5™ layering ceramic are perfectly matched in terms of fluorescence and opalescence and give the ceramic the visual interaction that we know from natural teeth. Each individual ceramic material has a different effect depending on the area of application or color and develops the complex play of light between the dentin and the incisal portion - even with the simplest layering technique. The composition of the grain size of the layering ceramic DC 12.5™ has been optimized so that there is only minimal shrinkage after firing. Their high level of stability during modeling and stability during firing reduce the grinding work to a minimum. Whether modifiers in the dentin area or effect materials in the incisal area, every effect of the individualization is retained with pinpoint accuracy even in the finished object.

Technical specifications DC™ 12.5 Schichtkeramik:

  • WAK (25 - 500°C): 12,5 - 9,4 x 10 -6 x K -1

  • Flexural strength > 90 MPa

  • Chem. Solubility < 35 μg x cm-2

  • Transformation temperature 505°C